Completing something despite hardships.

Carrying out a task or duty, usually with the connotation that it is arduous in some way.
We thought he wasn't going to make it, but he went the distance.
by dave June 24, 2004
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Proceeding with a particular course of action from beginning to end with unwaivering resolve.
"Oh! Ah! Oh yeah baby! Oh, OH! Go the distance baby! Ohhh! Ohhhhh! AHHHH! OH YEAH! AH AH AHhhhhhhhh......."
by retro January 23, 2004
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completing the job
1. staying married to the same person 'til death do you part."He was always faithful to me, going the distance, sticking with me 'til he died"

2. mounting a woman without cumming until she has had a chance to cum."I like fucking Jake, at least he is capable of going the distance 'til I get off."
by Jake March 6, 2004
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When someone undergoes sexual intercourse without prematurely cumming. This makes them a lot more popular with their girlfriend/wife and overall better in bed.
Bob's girlfriend loved how great he was in bed because he always could go the distance and always came when she did.
by The Chort June 11, 2004
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This phrase or expression was coined by Jillian Quist #JILLIANQUIST when it is used in relation to the extent an individual will GO or DOES GO when it comes to their #KnottyQuotient and the duration in terms of an actual amount of TIME as in HOURS and the AMOUNT as in the. QUANITY or NUMBER of #K9 DOGS an individual WILL or CAN or even DOES get #KNOTTED by as the #GoldStandard is set by and will #ALLWAYS be set and any individual will be compared or critiqued or looked at by how their #RuffLineQuotient matches up and stacks up with JILLIAN QUIST when the critical #RuffStats go head 2 head and the #KnottyRuffEvaluators are given the statistical weight indicators thats allowable by the #AKA American Kennel Association and the #BarkFactor is looked at and the location is compared to the god father of all god father Holy Grails of Locals and geographical areas As the #ROSEVILLE CA district outside of #Sacramento CA has been analyized and looked at by the most respected minds and actual CenturionAwardCraneOperator LifeTimeAchievement Recepients and its been given and bestowed upon its municipality to have achieved or garnered a level of such a factor of #Knottyrufftimes that can #KNOT will #KNOT and will #ALLWAYS have the biggest and ruffest and Slurpiest and be the locale of all locales if an individual wants to be at the most elite of the elite when they GO THE DISTANCE #GoTheDistance
Nobody and I mean nobody can quite GO and I'm talking Going The Distance like that #Jillijill girl out of #ROSEVILLE as that girl CAN and DOES GO the COMPLETE DISTANCE and goes for speed greed and Has no shame and does #KNOTprotect at all as she is the #ULTIMATEBULLY
by UltimateBully January 3, 2020
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An attempt, while ejaculating (cumming),
to fire one's seed as far as possible
I pulled out and went for distance. She
wanted me to aim for her melons, but
I nutted in her eye instead.
by Anonymous November 2, 2002
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Insert your well lubricated erect cock into your girls Vagina, wrap one hand around her hair and with a good hard, fast, doggy style rhythm pounding. Part way through the screwing, before you get off pull out of her Vagina. Send the next stroke all the way up in her Anus(cornhole) in one continuous stroke without slowing down or losing your rhythm. (good lubrication is required on penis before you start)

Going the Distance is when switching from Vagina to Anus. After placing your Cock in her Anus you must maintain Anus penetration without slipping out. Both hands must be on her, one hand holding on to her hair and the other placed on her hips for control. Maintain your ride for eight seconds.

Also, she cannot know ahead of time exactly when your going to switch cock positions.
After a long night at the Osceola County Rodeo in Kissimmee Florida. A wannabe Cowboy takes his Cowgirl home for a HOT round of Osceola Bronco Sex - Going the Distance.
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