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A town in Florida next to Orlando.
Also called little Puerto Rico.
As much as people talk about it and say they hate it, the love it. K-town to many.
Its small and country.
Girl: You live in Kissimmee?
Boy: Yea why ?
Girl: You know Carlos?
Boy:He a chico??
Girl:Uhm yea I guess.
Boy: Kissimmee full of them.
by Ktownma April 03, 2009
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Kissimmee is a town near Disney & Orlando, filled with many different types of people. You can get a Trailer in Kissimmee or a 4 million dollar mansion depending on what part you're in. The nice parts are, well nice & the more undesirable parts are just undesirable. Kissimmee has a pretty cool shopping spot called 'The Loop' just stay away from it on weekends, sense on weekends it is overran by little middle schoolers who think they're all grown. There's also another mall called 'The Osceola Square Mall' but in my opinion it needs to just be knocked down. There are 2 Wal Mart's in Kissimmee, the one on 192 is the more chic & classy one & the one on Osceola Parkway is full of annoying Hispanics, not saying that's all it is BUT there is defiantly a majority there. In all, Kissimmee is a pretty cute town.
Hey, where do you live?
How do you spell that?
by Classy Reviews October 04, 2011
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Kissimmee used to be such a nice place. Then all those damn Puerto Ricans invaded. There might be more Puerto Ricans living in Kissimmee than Puerto Rico itself.
Jim: Oh look, Freddie just crashed his ricer Civic into somebody's house...AGAIN. He thinks he's The Stig.
Bob: Only in Kissimmee.

Jim: Freddie and Joel are smoking weed in the Publix parking lot...AGAIN. Even though there's a police car parked in front of the store.
Bob: Only in Kissimmee.

Jim: Maria is on the corner...AGAIN. Bought all that jewelry and can't feed her 10 kids now.
Bob: Only in Kissimmee.
by Citizen Bane December 30, 2009
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a town where you are either a redneck, a prep, or a chonga as fuck. The best high school there is Oscola high school, but its full of chongas and "thugs". The rich white kids often stay at valencia where they belong. do not waste your time there.
Sami-"wanna come with me to my friends house?"
Gentry-"where at?"
Gentry-"HELL NO! too many chongas and their sharpie lip liner."
by Samantha Barlow July 10, 2008
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The home of the best school in the world THE OSCEOLA COUNTY SCHOOL FOR THE ARTS. Osceola High School is only called the best by the people who go there to make themselves feel better. If you can drive down the street and see a cow you're in Kissimmee.You could walk all of Kissimmee in a day or a few hours.(Depending on how lazy you are.)
Bob: (calls Phil on the phone) dude im lost.

Phil: Okay take a left at the cow field and past the other cow field and you should see his house.

Ahh Kissimmee ..
by TheyCallMeBanana July 07, 2011
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