Going MIA for some type. Won’t hear from, see, or talk to for a while.
Sorry I didn’t message you back last night, i had to go black for a moment. I’m thinking about going black for a moment.
by Shotta74 March 9, 2018
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to become angry and verbally or physically attack, often in a wild or crazy manner
Yo son if you don't back off I'm a go black on yo ass.
by GreaTeacheRopke March 5, 2008
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This is so crazy I'm about to go black.
by anitacarol November 27, 2016
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When something is so upsetting or frustrating it makes one want to stab oneself in the face, either literally or figuratively; reminiscent of a scene in the film 'Black Swan'.
Man, when Jenna was complaining about Mary I was about ready to go black swan.

Swear to god if I have to stand in line for one more minute I'm going to go black swan.
by Luudy January 13, 2011
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When a white women decided to become sexually and or romantically involved with a Black male and she becomes pregnant. The Black male typically ditches the pregnant white women making her a single mother.
Miles- Hanna I wouldnt date Damian.
Donna- Why not he seems nice.
Miles- Hanna once you go black you become a single mom.
Donna- Thats the last thing I need in my life.
Miles- what is that?
Donna- A cribmidget.

Miles- I gotcha
by Leroy McLevine May 16, 2011
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" Alyssa was fucking T Shawn Dog in the ear " said Demetri
" I told her once you go black you go deaf "
by Tom Stein hates jews and arabs February 19, 2009
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This statement derives from the general relativity theory published by Albert Einstein in 1915. It refers about the event in which an accelerated body crosses the spacetime boundary of a black hole known as the "event horizon". Beyond this boundary or "point of no return" the gravitational pull becomes so great as to make escape impossible and thus "you'll never go back".
"If a black hole is an oyster then the singularity is the pearl inside. The gravity is so strong it’s always hidden in darkness, beyond the horizon. That’s why we call it a black hole, once you go black you'll never go back."
by byfron March 15, 2018
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