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The coolest mother fuckers ever to have been born. A Demetri has a deep laugh like mother fucking Santa Claus, except Demetris won't deliver presents to kids because they are too busy being really fucking awesome to waste their time riding a sleigh in the mother fucking sky at midnight. A Demetri has hair like mother fucking Goldilocks, except a Demetri's hair is brown, so I guess you'd call them all mother fucking Sepialocks.
"Holy shit! Look at the sky! It's Santa Claus! There's no way that could be a Demetri because Demetris are way too cool for that shit."
by iamsoooanonymous February 06, 2009
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the closest people to being a god in this world. they are the bringer of all that is cool and good. demetri's are always surrounded by the hottest women ever made. they usually like classical and metal music. they also hate the jonas brothers.
LOOK, its that super amazing Demetri guy
by demotnt May 07, 2009
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The sexiest motherfucker in the whole universe. Its not very hard to fall for a Demetri, with his snazzy brown hair and eyes. HE IS THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE <3
OMG he is such a Demetri
by snazzy_is_me April 04, 2017
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A goofy funny good looking dude. Funny as hell and goofy when he gets comfortable around you. He has good hair, and is a very passionate person who is very good in the bed. He is very commited what he sets out planning to do. He is also very confident person in general, but can be incredibly shy at times.
Ha stop being a Demetris
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by All true 999999999 March 13, 2017
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The best best friend in the world. honestly hes the coolest motha fucka ever he has sweet hair and is a sweet heart <>> and is the biggest faggot you will ever meet! emofag. :3
a wild demetri in my bed!
by Kingoliverfag May 04, 2013
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