(esp. in Scouse) person from North Wales
(pos orig from Welsh "goggledd" = North)
the pub was full of fuckin Gogs
by dilbert scrunchie June 20, 2003
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'Gog' person of north walian decent from the Welsh word 'Gogledd' as opposed to 'fuckwit' used to describe South Walians.
North or south Wales?
Gog then?
yep, you?
Nope, from the south me, i'm a fuckwit.
too right you are
by Matty April 01, 2005
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gog typically can be defined in two ways. either when one is extremely intoxicated and attempts to drunk text "got em" to UTI yet fails and accidentally types "gog em" and is unable to receive the UTI. or when you prank, hook up, help out, or pester someone, most of the time when you puck them. especially If chips and white dots are involved.
chip: hey do you wanna gog tonight?
random girl: not tonight! I gotta study for my gography test tomorrow, thanks though.
by yamsie69 December 06, 2013
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Short for “Gogget”. Typically used to describe a male who loves blowing other men to the point of gagging.

Usually pronounced with a guttural “G” to emphasize gagging sound
PERSON 1: Man, all Proc talks about is Spartacus.

PERSON 2: That, and how much he hates going down on women.

PERSON 1: Do you think he is a gogget?

PERSON 2: Oh yeah, definitely a gog.
by Eggatron November 26, 2020
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Yo timmy you cop that roor?

yeah here it is,

thats not a roor, see that rubber stopper, thats plastic not GoG.

all glass on the bong illadelph roor blue dot etc
by JUST BLAZE420 September 11, 2009
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