A guy who would rather be gaming that paying attention to his half naked girl friend.
I was one skype last night getting undressed and well he is a complete Gog
by xeroline December 31, 2011
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A God, or god, like The Dentist Bob, origins in the Nutz tribe of international geniuses. Duh.
I swear to Gog, I will finish the laundry.
by Peace December 21, 2003
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a reference to the arabian goggles
but not literal. can be used in any situation where something is not going in your favor.
my mom saw my report card yesterday.. she ran the gogs!!

dude someone stole my ipod and my wallet!!! life is the gogs
by mac420dre August 11, 2009
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Go spelt wrong. Used when people type go go go go go really fast.
go go gog ogg g ogggogoggggo gog ggoggggo go
by qwv May 27, 2005
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It stands for galore of giggles. It is the exact same as LOL, but a newer version that is not overused.
I had sex with my girlfriend today, GOG!
by Bercules June 25, 2009
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