Slang term for the state of Florida. It refers to the high number of retirees living there.
by jjjk July 28, 2006
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(n.) old people section of ft. lauderdale. AKA Tamarac.
all the damn cotton heads from gods waiting room drive too slow
by ViperTGB March 6, 2006
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The death bed. Can also be known to reference a nursing home, the last stages of a Terri Shivoa, or any other situation that a human is put it and their death is certain.

None inflammitory.
Yeah man, my grandmother is in Gods waiting room.
Im sorry to hear that.
Thanks yo.
by QuickCheck March 15, 2006
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A word used to describe any town or village with a high percentage of elderly people such as Tampa Florida, Worthing, UK, Eastbourne, UK
Eastbourne? Don't make me move to God's waiting room, i've still got my own teeth you know
by Wixon October 17, 2007
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Used to describe the area located at the base of North Brother Mountain in the Camden Haven on the Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia. The area contains many elderly people and retirement villages. One retirement village is accessed via a road named The Gateway, bringing many a chuckle.
There are so many old people here
Yeah, it's God's waiting room
by xBlessYoux June 14, 2019
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