A feeling characterised by sadness, yet happiness brought about by confidence in oneself(especially sexually).
I’m keeping the shirt that belongs to the guy that broke my heart because it makes me feel so sexy. It’s so Lana Del Rey

Q: How do you feel drinking that champagne?

A: Oh, you know. Just Lana Del Rey
by Brownie Vocal June 21, 2020
Person: Hey look it's Lana Del Rey
Other person: You mean god?
by Stupid.idiot666 April 19, 2021
Elizabeth Woolridge Grant was born June 21, 1985 (better known as Lana Del Rey) is an American singer, songwriter, and model. Raised and born in New York City, Lana embarked on a music career in 2005 and 1st received widespread attention in 2011, when the music video for her song "Video Games" became a viral internet sensation. Lana received a further recognition after her major-label debut "Born To Die" peaked at number two on the United States charts and was the fifth best-selling album of 2012. One remix of it's single "Summertime Sadness", produced by Cedric Gervais, peaked at number six on the United States, and the Paradise EP followed that November, garnering Lana her first ever Grammy award nomination for the Best Pop Vocal Album. Three of the EP's tracks were featured in her short film Tropico, which premiered in December 2013.
Lana Del Rey is so talented
by Littl3bodybigh3art November 24, 2016
An incredibly talented and beautiful female singer who made it big with her song Video Games. She is literally a legend in-the-making.
"Dude have you heard that girl sing before?"
"No why?"
"She sounds just like Lana Del Rey."
by aglam November 5, 2011
A self-proclaimed "gangster Nancy Sinatra," the moody and off-color Lana Del Rey is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter. Gorgeous, vintage, and unique, this artist has made a very prominent image for herself in the recent years. Her husky narrative lingers like smoke clouds, leaving wafts of rhythmic phrasings delivered by an icy, heartbroken femme fatale.
Lana Del Rey is music gold. My ears orgasm everytime I hear her music!

You and I, we were born to die.
by LFAN October 6, 2012