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1. A Goblin is the master race. They are almost exclusively PC Gamers. The most defining attribute of goblins though is their online behavior.

Goblins were once white knights online that were corrupted by dark forces. They once used to ignore and call out trolls and fight for social justice. As white knights, they were tricked into sacrificing their humanity on the altar of blood lust and hatred.

Goblins will seek out trolls online and literally feed them to death going on threads for reportedly up to 400 responses until the several trolls finally gave in to their humanity. Goblins then use their own shit as lube to fuck the corpse of the dead troll until its filled with goblin jizz. Goblins will pass this troll around to other goblins to be as cruel and inhumane as possible to trolls. Goblins hate trolls.

"Crawl back to your bridges, run away screaming,
Goblins are coming, they're better than you.
Smarter and faster, bow to your masters,
The goblins are winners, the trolls aren't true!" - Nekrogoblicon (Goblin Island)

3. A higher order gangster. A shot caller. Perhaps even someone in the underworld community with followers akin to Charles Manson or other cult leaders. This is a highly respected individual in organized crime or even just a hood. They have climbed to their position by likely killing anyone who got in their way. A goblin will likely have several chicken heads around him at any given time.
1: I smell a God's corpse?
2: Ya, I think a Goblin was here.
by GhostDino September 05, 2014

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To be clacked.

Accosted heavily for errors in judgement, rationality, respect or placement of blame or otherwise.

That moment when someone says the wrong thing to the wrong person and in response (s)he proceeds to completely blow up their situation using perfectly arranged words, logic and rightious indignation to devastate the perpetrator upon being so erroneous or misplacing contempt or otherwise.
1. Hey what took you so long, dumbass?!

2. Oh, you mean how you were in my bathroom all night fucking my ex that you knew I was patching things up with and that I had told you in confidence was a little conflicted and that we were both having a moment of weakness? Well, to tell you the truth, I just fucked your girlfriend up stairs and then I called your boss and told them you've been scamming him out of money and then i called your mother and told her that YOU were actually the one who wrecked her car and now, RIGHT NOW, I'm holding the phone up with your side chick on the line who THINKS she is your one and only... DUMBASS.

3. Through the phone Wow, you just got clacked.
by GhostDino December 29, 2014

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There are no princesses in the real world. A Dragon Slayer is a dignified position where one braves the real world and confronts people about irrationality of incoherent world views and delusions completely unafraid of the repercussions of pissing people the fuck off.
a: Dude, that guy just blew up that street preacher. I know that pastor too, he has a PHD.
b: Ya, he was a total dragon slayer.

a: Woh, dude just annihilated that feminist.
b: What a dragon slayer!
by GhostDino December 25, 2014

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