It’s like on god but just on goblin or u can use on gremlin
Aye you got that pressure? Yeah bro. Put that ong. On goblin bro
by OnGoblin June 13, 2019
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Slang for Americans who are occupying places (ie the Middle East) in an attempt to gain resources like… oil. Lol.
Man 1: “I saw another plan fly in yesterday.”
Man 2: “Must have been more of those camouflaged oil goblins.”
by Daddy Oregano August 21, 2021
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A thick-bodied fat fuck with general disregard for healthy dietary habits, coupled with a depressively sullen mental disposition, ultimately doomed to live out their days in their parent’s basement having not learned any skill nor making any distinct directional choices in life.
Look at this basement dwelling fuck, must be a Pizza Goblin.

When he runs out of his own tears to masturbate with, he’ll utilize the grease on his forehead as a quick replacement, fucking Pizza Goblin.
by Sors_Salutis August 08, 2021
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Poop goblin is a term or slur to offend people who eat poop it’s usually used for a school rumor name called (Shit eating goblin) in a school somewhere in California.
Have you heard of the poop goblin? “Yeah bro I have he’s in my class his mouth smells like shit

OH MY GOD ITS THE POOP GOBLIN “stop calling me that I don’t know what you guys are taking about” YOU ATE SHIT DISGUSTING ASS BITCH
by Amongusly September 13, 2021
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