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A creature of unknown origin that single handedly causes mischeif with his bag o' tricks. He is the less popular of the goblin trio, also including the green and the hob goblins. The Goobily Gobily Goblin has hardly ever been seen and is notorious for yelling the phrase "Goobily Gobily" as he runs away. He wears shorts no shirt and a signature Goobily hat. If you have seen the Goobily Gobily Goblin, then it is already too late, GOOBILY GOBILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Barbra: and now over to you Tim!

Tim: Thanks Boobra. We now take you to the chilling documentary of a creature so despicable that it's dispicable how dispicabley dispicable he is.

(documentary plays) This is the last known image of the Goobily Gobily Goblin! "Goobily Gobily!!!!!!!!!"
by Clobber797 September 06, 2010
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