Gobby Jobby- When a significant other sneezes on a dick and makes it green tint color and you force them to suck it
Dude, she sneezed on my dick so I made her give me a Gobby jobby
by Pure-Autism August 11, 2017
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dick-sucking idiot
we went on a ride afterwards, which was fun, but the amount of gobby neds there was annoying
by gypsiez November 05, 2010
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When someone is assigned a task they cannot refuse.

When someone claims they will do a certain action - something as simple as stating they will piss in a bush - whether it be hypothetical or humorous, as soon as someone replies with “Gobby Peanuts”, their word is solidified and the action must be completed.

There are rules:
You cannot tell someone to do something and add “Gobby Peanuts”. The person who is Gobby Peanutted MUST vocally express the action in theory first.
The action in question does not have to be completed immediately. As long as it does get completed.
“That girl’s quite hot... I might talk to her!”

“Gobby Peanuts! Can’t back down now!”
by lifeofpib April 13, 2021
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