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Hardest part of LA , Watch Menace II society.
Lmao at the other guys Def, WTF are you talking about Watts is rite in the middle of South Central LA.
by Past December 07, 2005
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The SI (metric) unit of power. It is equivalent a joule per second and is a measure of the rate at which work is being performed or energy is being transferred.
An incandescent lightbulb rated at 40 watts will consume 2400 joules of energy for every minute that it is on.
by DefineMe123 March 16, 2007
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The SI derived unit for energy transferred per second. Can be used to describe mechanical power in Js^-1 or electrical power in VA
The clock radio took 10 volts across it and had an internal current of 200 milliamps. Thus giving it an electrical power of 2 watts
by uw0tm9? May 05, 2016
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Someone who is a don and can get girls on the go, whenever wherever. Commonly overlooked due to his quite nature but can make big explosions
by fdude20` October 03, 2010
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The alter ego of a "Matt". A creature of the night. He meanders in the darkness with passion in his eyes. Alluring people of all sexes and ages to come within his ghoulish grasp. He will feast throughout the night on the bodies & souls of the innocents.
Reporter says: "The people in the Overland Park apartments was ravished Saturday night".

Spectator says: "Wow that must have been by the works of a Watt".
by wingstu May 07, 2011
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Dickheads with the last name of 'watt' like to use it in replace of the word 'what'.
Emailer #1 - yo mofo, sup?

Emailer #2 - watt the fuck are you talking about fuckhead?
by the real mirroring cockhead March 17, 2009
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An adjective, used to describe a guy that is very ugly, stupid, and has no talent, but thinks he is better than everyone else regardless. Also is usually under the false impression that everyone loves him. Often treats people like crap when they dont deserve it. Commonly found among big-headed jocks.
Becky: Hey! do you know that kid Austin?
Vicky: Yeah, he is a total watts, no one likes him.
Becky: I know! is a total douche!
by aussypoo December 01, 2009
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