After things start out with good intentions and become completely screwed up beyond all recognition. Goat Fuck is beyond a cluster fuck, worse than a FUBAR. Continued attempts to correct the situation only make the situation worse and more embarrassing.

Term believed to be originally coined by G. Kirker around 1998 in Tennessee.
I volunteered to work on this old car before I realized what a goat fuck it really is.
by moneyblues September 15, 2010
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GoatfuckMessy, sticky and complicated situation not moving fast enough or at all toward a resolution .

Goatfuck: Messy, Troubling and problematic. Could also mean disordered, disheveled and disorganized
Traffic was a total Goatfuck, today!
by Mek9 October 05, 2018
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The process of victimizing a deserving enemy who shafted you in some way. Should be disproportionate in revenge severity.
Jacques Asse goatfucked Phred by riveting his cars doors shut in response to a verbal slight.
by Jacques Asse January 30, 2009
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Derogatory adjective describing remote, primitive, or chaotic location; probably an insinuation regarding the perceived sexual practices of the locals.
"Did you hear, John was sent out to the middle of the Gobi desert with his work? That's a real goatfuck posting"
by goatfuck December 19, 2007
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Massive scrum of reporters, radio people, photographers on ladders, television cameras etc at a press conference. The goatfuck frequently takes on a life of its own as all participants heave around to get closer to the the object of their journalistic desire. This can lead to unseemly behaviour. (source R Liddle; Guardian)
see above..
by Medium Tone December 03, 2003
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vt. to intentionally ram into the asses of other cars for the purpose of watching them fly off the road and go boom.
Raj decided to goat-fuck the asshole who cut him off.
by Achmed Al Shalab March 25, 2006
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