Just a young person that seeks for pleasure
Is boyfriend & girlfriend a thing these days. Fuck that. Chase a bag, fuck bitches , live life ~ Ugly Goat 🖤🐐
by Ugly Goat August 02, 2019
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When you make a decision that leads to a disastrous consequence, or mess up something really bad.
I went home with that women from the bar last night and the next morning I was really stuck to the goat.

Man, when you jumped your bike off that ramp, you were stuck to the goat.
by Lokie2517 March 18, 2011
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A goat that acts extremely suspicious because it follows people and isn't seen doing any tasks. It could either be the impostor, or it could be innocent... just really, REALLY suspicious.
Ryuko: What's that goat doing over there standing next to the garbage?

Mario: Ryuko, the goat isn't taking out the trash! It's acting pretty sus, so I'd say that this is a Sus Goat!

Ryuko: ...are you that obsessed with Among Us?
by Larry The Traitor April 18, 2021
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Yessir goat is a way of saying thank you or congratulating someone
Friend- i just got this girls phone number

Me- yessir goat
by Jamir p March 23, 2021
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