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Footballer mostly known for disappearing in decisive games but scoring against lower-ranked teams like Eibar, Clermont Foot, Lens, Mallorca, Maccabi Haifa, Jamaica, Estonia...
Also does Pepsi commercials

Synonyms: Eibarman, Pionel Pepsi, Pessi
Jacques, french villager: I was born and raised in Clermont-Ferrand. My grandpa used to tell me stories about Clermontman, a goblin from ARG that travels to my city when we're playing. He assists 3 goals and then ghosts until the next Clermont game. I still have nightmares that hes hiding in our stadium.
by RationalFootballFan from Chile November 16, 2022
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Cristiano is the GOAT
Basic football knowledge is required to learn that Ronaldo is the football GOAT (and NOT the Ghost of Eibar aka Pessi)
by RationalFootballFan from Chile September 20, 2023
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Cristiano, Messi, Marcelo, Xavi, Iniesta, Eto'o and Seedorf are UCL legends. Haaland is to become one too
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The fact that European football players stats are better than South Americans' because in European qualys for the world cup and the new made-up marketing tournaments (Nations league) the strong national sides play against Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Armenia, San Marino, and Genovia, among many other tiny countries. These games usually end up 8-0
Jonah: man, Lewandowski has scored 13 goals in his last 5 games playing for Poland
Dan: that's because of euroflation. Last 5 games Poland played against Northern Macedonia, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Armenia, and The Vatican
Jonah: bu-bu-but look at those stats, he's definitely better than Messi, right?
Dan: No, he isn't
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Term used by football fans to refer to Ligue One, because it's lack of competitiveness and the common practice of recruiting peasants to fill the squads of the many zombie-teams that compound this insignificant league.

Some may tag Bundesliga as another Farmers League because of Bayern's supremacy in Germany. This may be discarded as German teams don't perform nearly as poorly as French teams in UCL, neither German squads recruit farmers
Pionel Pessi fan: Penaldo is finished, now playing in Saudi Arabia away from big leagues like the Uber Eats Ligue 1, the best tournament on earth

Unbiased football fan: Ligue 1 not even among top 20 European Leagues. Saudi Arabian League way more competitive than French Farmers League. In Saudi Arabia there are many teams that contend to win the title, in France there's only one, whose president buys anything with oil, even the rigged and disgraceful World Cup that he gave to the Argentinian goblin
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