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An acronym meaning Greatest (G) Of (O) All (A) Time (T). It is usually used to describe someone or something as being the best compared to anything else. (Typically used in a sarcastic manner)
Queen Bey is the GOAT
Ketchup is the GOAT of condiments
by MajesticDullness August 28, 2020
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TikTok is a social media app/website that allows millions of people to post videos using different music and sounds (original and unoriginal). The app was originally owned by a separate social media app called Musical.ly that belong to the company Musical.ly inc. But, ended in November of 2017, and was Taken over by another company, ByteDance, that was a separate app and merged Musical.ly's data into TikTok in August of 2018 .
Uggh, TikTok ruins almost every song!
TikTok gives new exposure to really good songs.
by MajesticDullness June 28, 2020
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