1) To act like a tool (can also be used as a verb)

2) To act like a bitch.
1) Stop Lending around! You are making yourself look like an idiot.

2) You're being such a Lendl.
by Lendlewaldo February 6, 2013
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1) When Ladle is misspelled or mispronounced

2) Someone who was named after a spoon
1) Lendl? OHHHHH you mean ladle!

2) My mom named me Lendl... After a spoon
by Lendlewaldo February 6, 2013
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A handsome young man who is a judomaster, Arleen's love of her life, and a role model.
Lendl is the example.
by ArLeeNiE April 21, 2005
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The act of lending an ebook to someone else via Amazon Kindle.
Lizzy: I just finished reading Game of Thrones: A Dance with Dragons, and it was amazing!
Tyrion: Wow, I want to read it... can you lendle it to me?!
by renturtle March 7, 2016
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Gino....or Geno....either way...depends from wher u live......this is canada.....
Lendle loves gino (geno) beats and wears tight clothing....u dont wanna see him....its like space food....(before eating).....
by dude... April 7, 2005
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