GGOAT means Greatest gamer of all time. This term is mostly used by Wordle TikToker (@Kennyhaller). Kenny uses this term to refer to himself, often in comedic or ironic contexts
Person 1: I'm definitely the GGOAT
Person 2: don't lie we both know it's Kenny haller
by Funtime foxy jr342 August 1, 2023
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camrynn easterling - greatest girlfriend of all time
cam is the ggoat
by amill17 October 8, 2019
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Greatest GYATT of all time.

G.O.A.T is an acronym commonly meaning Greatest Of All Time commonly used for sports players such as NBA players “man Shaq the Goat way better than M.J)

The second G (GYATT) is a newer term but also a term as old as time itself

When a man see a nice ass “GOD DAYUM” is usually the first thing to come to mind. So GYATT resembles the first word in slang of “GOD DAYUM”
James: (because his name has to be James) Man she really the GGOAT

Jessica: aww thanks James! (She thinks she’s the greatest of all time for forgot the other G)
by chicken nugget king August 28, 2023
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