A person who is considered the Greatest of all time in many major industries.
Josue was considered the Goat of Goats when he achieved a higher NFL pass completion than Dree Brees and beat Michael Jordan and Lebron James in a 1on1 basketball game.
by Jaja1255 February 21, 2017
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Goated is another way of saying someone's a G.O.A.T, which means Greatest Of All Time.
Person 1: dude, you're goated
person 2: thanks bro
by Pyroshank September 22, 2019
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Cristiano is the GOAT
Basic football knowledge is required to learn that Ronaldo is the football GOAT (and NOT the Ghost of Eibar aka Pessi)
by RationalFootballFan from Chile September 20, 2023
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(like tight, the best)
Those shoes are G.o.a.t.
by Joi January 6, 2004
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A phrase made by Kurtis Conner in a video about an animated movie.

Meaning: When a goat does not like something.
"That's a no goat" "I gave my goat food she didn't like. It was a no goat so I gave her other food"
by Nuggetsonn August 24, 2020
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An unreal person thats just the best. The greatest of all time (Joan Hornung)
Joan Hornung gave us money for booze and ice cream! She's the goat.
by JoanHornungFan March 13, 2022
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