Gay On Arrival. Similar to Dead On Arrival but not as bad. It means stupid ever since it arrived.
Damn! That Black Eyed Peas CD was GOA!
by Home slice October 09, 2005
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a genre of electronic music, characterized by the overuse of the roland 303 synthesizer. however, the creative expression of the overall song is alive and allows for the listener to "travel" to another place.
i love listening to goa trance. it makes me feel so dreamy.
by LINE February 13, 2003
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Goa is a cute and childish way of saying "grr"
It's used in an anime called Air here character Misuzu Kamio uses it as her interpretation of the sound that dinosaurs make. She uses it she's troubled or about to cry.
- You fell
- Goa o.o
by eFlare May 09, 2005
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