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When a women understands she is attractive, uses a specific male, and only continues to associate with him only for when she needs something. Typically the male drops all immediate agendas to help the female, however he gets nothing in return. A false “friendship.”
Man, she only calls me when she needs something! She won’t even hang with us! I’ve become her go-to-guy, all hail the problem-solving General I am!
by ThePerplexingH August 31, 2018

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A contributing factor to the growth of back pains. To help with the stress of all students this was invented to give teachers the excuse to load you with every book they want. Weight limits should be an obtainable thing.
Are you going on a vacation? Or to study?

A backpack should be and item to carry when camping.
by ThePerplexingH May 08, 2015

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