Shell scripts don't require salaries and don't complain about yesterdays coffee. You should pay more attention to the creative possibilities of shell scripts, especially in relation to human resources.

the sentence shown here is incorrect. The correct form is:
"Go away or I will replace you with a very small shell script".
by another nerd out there... September 17, 2003
A semi clever quip made by computer geeks and gurus.. Quite similar to the military quip " You are so fucking useless, I should replace you with a button"
by Guru June 15, 2003
A shoddy attempt at humor crafted by the Linux community in order to answer back at those who even mildly criticize their half-finished kernel or the "newbies" who are trying to seek help in getting Linux to function properly on their machines. Makes one look stupid when said out loud in a group of people.
Newbie: Can you please help me configure my soundcard and modem? I read the manual, and followed the instructions, but both piece of hardware still refuse to work.
Linux elitist: Go away or I will replace you with a simple shell script, retard.
Newbie: All I did was ask for help, and if this is how you treat those who want to learn about Linux, then you shouldn't be surprised if people go back to using Windows or Mac OS-X.
Linux elitist: Well go back to crashing your Windoze, troll.
by sarcastic May 29, 2004
Somehting that the first posters take FAR too literally. It's a joke you stupid smacktards. Nothing more nothing less.
I got a tiny dick dick but I am a genious because I realized that a shell-script can't replace people, YAY!!!
by Elitist January 3, 2004
Some phrase made by a geek who probably had a moment of inspiration while masturbating toTux the Linux penguin mascot.
Geek: I've got an idea! I'll tell the n00bs to go away before I replace them with a simple shell script. That'll teach them. Damn this hand lotion rocks!
by FreeBSD user June 23, 2004