A relatively small, four wheeled device powered by a rather loud and environmentally unhealthy engine. These vehicles are usually driven by children, but sometimes by fun-loving adults. Driving them often results in confrontation with cops and/or a$$ hole neighbors.
Cop: Im sorry son, Im gonna have to confiscate your go kart.

Child: F*&K YOU!
by dc4894 July 29, 2010
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An extreme sexual practice typically performed between two or more homosexual men. Considered deviant by many and outlawed under sodomy laws in most states.
Yo man, I ain't going to that party. That go karting shit is too fucked up even for my tastes!
by Danny June 19, 2006
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When a man is driving his car and leans his seat back to approx. 180 degrees; lying on his back (naked) and keeping his foot pressured on the gas pedal. His wife, or partner unbuckles herself from the passenger seat, gets naked, hops into the drivers seat and mounts her partners cock with her back to his face. She steers, and honks the horn while riding him (and shifting if in a standard). As he is about to blow it, she shifts into neutral, and he revs the engine. This provides pleasure for both the male and the female, and provides a safe way to get a bone in when you are in a hurry. This is also a great way to pass time on long road trips, for example on a cross country excursion when you are treking through the corn fields of the Mid-West, and you have been driving for days on end-- just roll down all the windows, crank some tunes, and take the Go-Kart for a spin. Generally this works best in a sedan and is an excellent replacement to the road-head. This can also be called a 'submarine' if the women sticks her head out of the sun-roof for visibility.
"Yo Billy, I saw you and Trisha go-karting down West Street last night."

"Honey, we have 110 miles left until Iowa. Let's take the go-kart for a quick spin."

"Sue and I have been working on our submarine for weeks now, and we're pretty confident we can beat Eric and Claire's go-kart on the quarter-mile this weekend.
by Keene Runners June 8, 2007
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Like a wheel chair... but for people who can use there legs.
*Zach stares in awe of little child on go kart*


Kyle: you mean a go kart...

*everyone laughter*
by garyfawkes October 24, 2009
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A sport invented by Rob Dyrdek and Steve Berra. It is where you simply use go karts to hit a soccer ball into the goal. It is the coolest sport ever made.
Hey Doug, do you want to play some Go Kart Soccer?
Yeah, let me go get my go Kart!
by buttlover1 January 31, 2014
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One of those small electric cars that are available for decrepit people to drive around grocery stores.
Gertrude pimped out her granny go-kart
by Leigh Prince November 9, 2005
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