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Picture this; *Its 8:30 pm on a Sunday night, you and you're homie are chilling on rust listen to those sweet sweet gangsta tunes and you already no what mutha hecken time it is* "All the gangstas take the floor as we step on stage all the ladies ask for more" - 213 Crew
"Yo loopy2247!" says AUcairns "yeah whats cooking my mutha hecking homie from the south?" exclaims loopy2247 "Is it Real Gangsta hours?" says AUcairns louder than before, "Yeah I think it mutha hecken is!" *AUcairns gets music bot to play Keepin It Gangsta by Fabulous in the 'Chill Gangstas' section of the Snag Boys discord server* "It's Real Gangsta Hours!" exclaim loopy2247 and AUcairns together
by Coochie Snagger October 28, 2018
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Going Deep is when you and the og's are cruising around town with yo hand held's and you hear a furnace cooking up some of that sweet sweet sulfur so you don't have any other choice to 'Go Deep' on them.
This hoe over here is dead in his airlock let me push in and 'Go Deep' o' shit I hear that sweet sweet sulfur cooking up let me get a homie's door code real quick *once acquired door codes* "I'm fulling in! I'm going deep!" -Ramsey
by Coochie Snagger October 27, 2018
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Instead of hearing Yanny or Laurel Donald Trump hears covfefe
Instead of hearing Yanny or Laurel I hear covfefe
by Coochie Snagger October 9, 2018
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When you and cho homies are in a Fortnite Battle Royale game and one of dem default looken ass dogs come up at cha and u boot gang dere shit and then give dem da L
Man I just boot ganged that default looken ass hoe and gave them the L thats what I call a Whole Lotta Gank Shid
by Coochie Snagger October 26, 2018
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