When Yao Ming dunks on someone's face.
NBA player 1: "How'd you manage to break your face?"
NBA player 2: "Asian invasion."
by nuabudikae December 21, 2006
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when you cannot get out of a classroom because of a flood of asians streaming in for the class that starts in ten minutes
Person 1: Dude why are you always late to history?

Person 2 (angrily):...because of asian invasion after my biology class.
by ddm March 11, 2013
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When there are a whole bunch of asian's walking around and you cannot seem to find any of your own kind
OMG look out, its an asian invasion. Duck and Cover!
by 123 do me? November 24, 2008
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gatherings or events with big groups of asians in other racial dominated areas.

asians who are 'white(american) washed' usually run from these asian crowds to avoid stereotypes.
ex 1: those huge asian tour guides at theme parks (ie. Disneyland, Six Flags, etc)

ex 2:
Non-asian friend: WOW! There's a mob of asians! Asian invasion! Can you speak their language??!
White washed asian:...... JUST BECAUSE IM ASIAN..

ex 3:
a group of 9 asian friends get together with two white/spanish/etc friends.
white/spanish/etc friends: Asian invasion!
by xoxoStacyoxox July 21, 2007
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1. Used to describe the "wave" of Asian immigration
2. Also used to describe a growing number of Asian products

However, there is no such thing as an Asian invasion. Asians make up only 5% of the population. This is hardly considered an "invasion". It was coined through hype, propaganda, ignorance and racism.
In reality, Asians are still a minority group.
"I saw TWO Asians today! It's an Asian Invasion!"
by Academic September 01, 2005
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Colloquial term to describe the mass influx of Asians into originally American communities, beginning in the 1970s, but really accelerating in the 1980s and continuing unabated ever since.

It is called an invasion partly because it rhymes with "asian" but also because it was unwanted and unwelcome (nobody asked for or approved of this mass immigration) and because typically instead of assimilating into American culture, the immigrants cling to their own culture, language, cuisine, and customs, to the detriment of the original community, which then moves out to get back to "real America", see white flight.

The Asian Invasion transforms the community, rendering it a foreign outpost in the US, where if you didn't know, you might think you were somewhere in Asia or India.
Cupertino kid #1: "Hey do you remember when we used to play in the street, there were block parties, American holidays were celebrated, all the neighbors knew each other, and there was a true sense of community here?"

Cupertino kid #2: "Yah, before the Asian Invasion."
by JonJustinTime February 19, 2019
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The act of having anal sex with an Asian
Man, do I love shoving my shaft in that girl and doing an Asian Anal Invasion
by 3hundo September 05, 2016
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