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Go deep relates to a number of things, mainly sexually orientated. It may be used in the following sexual contexts:

Using a raised voice - GO DEEEP! - when the vagina is propped up and ready for insertion. This catch phrase is often helpful for increasing focus for the task at hand. The penis is inserted at a medium pace, ensuring full length penetration. The first stroke often sets the mood for the remainder of the session, so it is cruicial to maintain direction and speed, and ensure maximum depth into the vaginal cavity.

Alternatively, the partner (or receiver) may request the giver to 'go deep', which following guidelines of the first context, also sets a great mood.

In a baby making context. To go deep is to ensure the ejaculate from the male testes is deposited as close to the uterus as possible. This ensures the semen has the least distance to travel through the cervix, as the spermicide contained within the vaginal walls battles with the foreign invaders (similar to the asian invasion occuring in Australia... you know who you are!).
>>> Sean: "Oh Trent, GO DEEP!"

Trent: inserts penis into anal cavity "Oh yeah Seanny baby... my cocks so deep, i can feel your intestines"

Sean: "Your not that large baby. I mean, ive taken bigger."

>>> Dave: "GO DEEEP!"

Dave: inserts penis into Nancy's vagina acurately

Nancy: "Oh yeah... this will be an intense fuck"

>>> Rose: "make sure you go deep this time, im sick of fucking you to make a baby"

Barry: "alright im gonna cum... its in as far as it goes... OHHHH OHHHH!! ahhhhh yeah!"
by omg i am wtf uber October 29, 2007
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Coon boots are the formation of hard callouses on the soles of human feet to ensure rugged off road performance and increased ability to navigate rough terrain (often at pace).

Derived from common slang (coon), the indigenous australian (aboriginal) population survived thousands of years without the need for enclosed footwear, using there 'boots' to tough the harshest surfaces.

The process in which to sculpt a demon pair of coon boots is a long and arduous journey which requires months (if not years) of exposing the soles of the foot to numerous surfaces; jagged rocks, dirt, gravel, barnacles, ice, hot coals and variations between these (i.e. ice cold jagged rocks), just to name a few. Once walking on a surface has been mastered, to truly have coon boots one must progress to running, carrying heavy loads and finally running whilst carrying heavy loads.

Ellaborations on the word include: coonies, coondoggers, coontizzles, teh coonz0rs and abo nikes.
>>> I havent worn shoes for the last couple of months, and im beginning to sculpt a fashionable pair of coon boots. They really do make life easier.

>>> Fuck man, its cold as a mother out here, and these rocks are cuttin up my feet hardcore... Its about now I wish I had a phat pair of coonies to eat this terrain.

>>> Shit son... Thats quite a nice pair of coondoggers your sportin there... How long those bad mother fuckers take to wear in?
by omg i am wtf uber August 05, 2007
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Term used to describe homosexual intercourse.
Trent often partakes in backdoor shenanigans with as many men as he can find.
by omg i am wtf uber November 05, 2006
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The use of ur mum calls has become quite stale over the past few years, mainly due to overuse and widespread acceptance of the term. Whilst the call 'ur dad' could be considered homosexual around strangers, incorporation in a group of friends is easy and quite amusing. Use of 'ur dad' in conjunction with 'i fucked...', '...fisted me' and 'me and ... fucked ur mum last night' are just some of the many ways the joke can be used.
Jeffrey: "fuck ur a dick head"
Trent: "ur dad has a dick which i fuck and suck"
Jeffrey: "now ur a fucken queer"
Trent: "ur dad and i are queers together"
Jeffrey: "dont talk to me"
Trent: "ur dad cant talk when he's got my cock in his mouth"
Jeffrey: "ah ha ha, i'll pay that"
by omg i am wtf uber November 02, 2006
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A flea is someone who is annoying and wont go away. Like a flea to a dog, such a person will continue their ways, unswayed by what you say.
>> Beat it, flea.
>> Trent you are a flea, beat it!
by omg i am wtf uber November 01, 2006
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The msn madness minute is a very amusing, annoying (for the recipients) game for two or more msn users.

It is initiated by a 2-3 person conversation whereby each person adds every online contact they have, creating one mega-convo. This is followed by fast, erratic postings of words in capitals such as 'PENIS' and 'DILDO' and 'MMM COCK' and 'FUCK SHIT CUNT' etc... and often includes adding pornographic images and moving emoticons to spam and disgust the added people.

It is called the msn madness minute, because almost every time either all the people will leave (the online people anyway) or msn will crash and burn due to the insane ammount of people added to one convo.

The glory that is the msn madness minute is reinforced by the fact that it is not able to determine who started it, as well as which people added who, but one can summise that the person yelling 'DICKS AND TITTIES' probably had something to do with it (although some people who have been added give there two-cents worth!).

One last idea for the madness minute is of course to pretend you are someone else by changing your display name. In a conversation that might be 40 people strong, saying 'look guys, ive added you all to give you some really important information --- im gay'. The stupid fucks that believe you will no doubt spread this and hopefully the real person has to deal with it (LOL).
>> Craig: mmm fuck im bored... msn is getting pretty shit

John: fuck oath man... oi lets msn madness minute this shit... just go all out with the vulgarity

Craig: kk... add those mother fuckers

and the msn madness minute begins
by omg i am wtf uber May 28, 2007
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Fists of fury is a sexual manoevre. It can performed by any combination of males and females (mf, ff, mm). It involves (as the title suggests) furious fisting action. Fists fly everywhere in this position as the inflictor flails their arms wildly searching for a vulnerable orifice to attack. Once spotted, they lunge forward in a Bruee Lee-esqe jab and penetrate deeply.

Fists of fury does not have to be a dominant/submissive position, as once the first fist has been planted, it leaves the perpetrator open for attack from the other person. This dual fist action can be surpassed by triple fistage, then quad-fist domination (for instance 2 females may be fisting both the vagina and anus). Quad-fists-of-fury are not for the faint hearted.
>>> Trent: "ur such a hot guy, i wanna fist ur anus all night long... You better watch out for my FISTS OF FURY! cuz they'll get ya."

>>> Sean: "ARRGGGHHHH! What the FUCK are you doing? Stop waving your arms around, its scaring me"

>>> Trent: "FISTS OF FURY ATTACK!!!"

>>> Sean: "My anus is bleeding, your fisting me too hard... Wait I have a chance to fight back, you left ur anus defenseless against my fists"

>>> Trent: "Oh yeah give it to me, yeah dual-fists of fury, this is hot!"
by omg i am wtf uber October 21, 2007
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