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To be in a state of uber or uberness. The word uber is commonly used to describe one particular action or event, whereas uberem is a sequence of uber events one after the other.
>>> Surfing Context: "fuck, you were in a state of uberem on that wave man... I thought u were done for after the cutback, but you managed to get slotted, exit the barrel and air off the back. hectic shit"

>>> CS Context: "yeah not only did I get a head-shot through double doors, I ran through long, wasted 6 cunts with my deagle then planted at A... I was in uberem"
by omg i am wtf uber September 16, 2007
Being loose whilst on ecstacy.

Original meaning "elusive" means - tending to evade grasp.

Thusly, e-loose-ive is to evade one's grasp of either reality, common sense, conscience or a mixture of these three.
jhutz: "fuck man, i was so loose last night aye... guess you could say I was e-loose-ive :)"
by omg i am wtf uber December 5, 2007
Short name for the Gold Coast, located an hours drive south from Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. The goldie has some of australias best surfing spots, clubs and pubs, and most importantly home to a shitload of gorgeous women.
Lets go to the goldie for the weekend to get some rays, have a surf and go clubbing.
by omg i am wtf uber November 1, 2006
Go deep relates to a number of things, mainly sexually orientated. It may be used in the following sexual contexts:

Using a raised voice - GO DEEEP! - when the vagina is propped up and ready for insertion. This catch phrase is often helpful for increasing focus for the task at hand. The penis is inserted at a medium pace, ensuring full length penetration. The first stroke often sets the mood for the remainder of the session, so it is cruicial to maintain direction and speed, and ensure maximum depth into the vaginal cavity.

Alternatively, the partner (or receiver) may request the giver to 'go deep', which following guidelines of the first context, also sets a great mood.

In a baby making context. To go deep is to ensure the ejaculate from the male testes is deposited as close to the uterus as possible. This ensures the semen has the least distance to travel through the cervix, as the spermicide contained within the vaginal walls battles with the foreign invaders (similar to the asian invasion occuring in Australia... you know who you are!).
>>> Sean: "Oh Trent, GO DEEP!"

Trent: inserts penis into anal cavity "Oh yeah Seanny baby... my cocks so deep, i can feel your intestines"

Sean: "Your not that large baby. I mean, ive taken bigger."

>>> Dave: "GO DEEEP!"

Dave: inserts penis into Nancy's vagina acurately

Nancy: "Oh yeah... this will be an intense fuck"

>>> Rose: "make sure you go deep this time, im sick of fucking you to make a baby"

Barry: "alright im gonna cum... its in as far as it goes... OHHHH OHHHH!! ahhhhh yeah!"
by omg i am wtf uber October 29, 2007
The use of ur mum calls has become quite stale over the past few years, mainly due to overuse and widespread acceptance of the term. Whilst the call 'ur dad' could be considered homosexual around strangers, incorporation in a group of friends is easy and quite amusing. Use of 'ur dad' in conjunction with 'i fucked...', '...fisted me' and 'me and ... fucked ur mum last night' are just some of the many ways the joke can be used.
Jeffrey: "fuck ur a dick head"
Trent: "ur dad has a dick which i fuck and suck"
Jeffrey: "now ur a fucken queer"
Trent: "ur dad and i are queers together"
Jeffrey: "dont talk to me"
Trent: "ur dad cant talk when he's got my cock in his mouth"
Jeffrey: "ah ha ha, i'll pay that"
by omg i am wtf uber November 3, 2006
A rice beater is an imported car (usually from japan) which usually has only 4 cylinders and possibly a turbo to make it slightly quicker. The origin of the word comes due to the fact that: a) asians eat rice, b) the car is economical on fuel and c) although not tested, most believe the car itself could run solely on rice. In recent years, Australia has seen a massive increase in popularity of the rice beater, due to there cheap purchase price, ability to modify, and there reasonable power output.
Man I went for a cruise down to the goldie yesterday and there were so many rice beaters on the highway. Why dont those stains get a real mans car like a clubsport or a XR8.
by omg i am wtf uber November 1, 2006
A Clubsport is remake of the popular family car the Holden Commodore by HSV (Holden Special Vehicles). The latest addition to the clubsport model (The R8) boasts a 6.0 litre V8 gen 4 supercharged engine delivery over 307kw of brutal power. Combining the engine with a 6-speed transmission, all leather interior, racing body kit and sports tuned braking and suspension, the HSV Clubsport is one mother of an automobile.
Holy shit that is one mutha fucking sweet clubsport bro.
by omg i am wtf uber November 2, 2006