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A female with little to no hair to pull together to make one single ponytail.
A bald head goose.
That ballgeesas head looks just like a bag of baseball's
by QueenyOmygodess March 11, 2017

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A person who uses illegal controlled substance routinely that can be.found in the wee hours of the morning seeking drugs. An addict out at the crack of dawn.
Me: damn bru what is that chick doing up so damn early for?

You: man that is a doped up crackadon. She's always out here at these hours looking for crumbs.
by QueenyOmygodess March 14, 2017

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A ragedy beat the fuck up person place or thing
Me: damn what did you do to your phone daddio?

You: that ragnadoodle ass shit is cracke up, taped together, gorilla glued with water damage but it still works though!

Me: right on
by QueenyOmygodess April 03, 2017

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When a bitch so fat that it looks like her ankles are broken.
You: did Stacy fat ass break her leg?
Me: naw my man, that bitch got brankles.
by QueenyOmygodess March 19, 2017

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Expressing an extreme genuine like for something
Me: did you hear that new song on the radio?
You: yeah that go crazy
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by QueenyOmygodess April 07, 2017

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A transient doper stumbling through the area looking for free drugs.
Me: hey, what is that stumble puff doing?
You: looking for a free puff, duh!
by QueenyOmygodess April 01, 2017

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Another word for a cigarette.
Me: Aye bruh, can I have a drag of that chig?
You: hell naw these mutha fukas cost ten dollars a pack.
by QueenyOmygodess April 19, 2017

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