gross and nasty put together to form one word; discusting, rank, vulgar; gag-worthy
His breath smelled gnasty after he drank grapefruit juice.
Your hair feels so gnasty because you haven't washed it in 4 days.
by luciaheat October 25, 2006
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(The "g" is silent.) Extremely nasty; so nasty gnats would swarm around it.
Your crusty underwear are so gnasty.
by melissar July 3, 2005
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So Intense That You Can't Discribe It With Anything Else.
Opposite Of Nasty Yet Pronounced The Same.
(V.)Mike Just Pulled A Gnasty
(Adj.)Ohhhh That Was Gnasty When You Punched Tony In The Face So Hard That It Broke His Nose
by NJC - Nick Cormier November 17, 2005
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So out of this world, sick, totally insane, or impressive. It's origin is Sam the God of Hell.
That hup off that kicker was so gnasty earlier yo.
by Streetcypher October 2, 2016
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The toughest, most evil bad guy the world has ever seen.

Tell us about this gnasty gnorc character..
by Shoj January 3, 2005
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something gross, worse than nasty
wow you are so gnasty i’m cringing
by 69juulpods420 April 28, 2019
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