A person who subscribes to your YouTube channel only to dislike your videos.
Tom became a discriber because he was self conscious and jealous of the YouTuber.
by RBertP February 15, 2012
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A word used to describe and insult someone and yourself at the same time.
I used the word -Liddle- in discribing his brain.
by theusaf September 28, 2019
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See what'd happen was yous was drunk and wanted to ride out waterskiing style on two discount alligators, much to the delight of all my lady fans, to the wa-ho. I told you ima rip out your distributor cap so you can't drive there. you told me. I ain't got no gotdamn discribity cap.
I ain't got no gotdamn discribity cap
by Willie T. November 1, 2003
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'(to) Discribe':
Discribing something, means actually just describing but in a disappointed way.
You also sometimes use the word "discribe" when you're not really good with language.
So basically you're just finding that thing you describe awful, you're disappointed of it or you just don't know what you're saying.
"Oh ma gWaD, Stahp discribing!"
"Lmao, okay I'm sorry!!
Didn't want to discribe your crush!"
by AmanyFalls11 May 10, 2018
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