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Gnarwhale (när weyl)
- adjective

1. Superlative form of the word 'gnar/gnarly'
- Absolute: gnar/gnarly
- Comparative: gnarkill

2. The most gnar that anything can possibly be. Ever

Often misprounouced as 'när wuhl' (as in the small arctic whale), which is qutie common as the narwhal is quite gnar.
"Dude! the Maglev car it TOTALLY gnarwhale!"
by Amerifunk December 19, 2006
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A noun used to describe a horridly obese person, regardless of gender. You will mostly find Gnarwhale's in their natural habitat eating until the cows come home, and neglecting the needs of their children so they can play world of war craft, and are also allergic to an activity called "Excercise". The difference between a typical obese person and a gnarwhale, is that - While some fat people may actually be adorable (like seth rogen), gnarwhales lack attractiveness on all levels, and are typically vicious in personality as well.
~Obese person walks into the zoo with 5 burgers in hand, cussing at people because 'they're in her way'~

~Bystander~ "Well I guess the Zoo Finally decided to add Gnarwhales to the exhibit"
by StevenJKpower August 18, 2011
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