My girl coming over I gotta go to the store and buy some gloves for later
by Lameinus April 10, 2019
Inserting a beer or other alcoholic beverage into a glove or similarly innocent object for the purpose of inconspicuous consumption. Frequently used at public activities to dodge open container, public intoxication and underaged drinking laws.
Kevin: Dude, why are you drinking out of that glove?

Chris: So that cop over there doesn't arrest me for an open container violation. It's called gloving.
by cosmo November 3, 2006
Putting a glove in a person's asshole then blowing up the glove until it pops then clearing it out with an Alaskan Geyser.
Wanna make Glove?
by Walrus skinner February 20, 2011
The Glove is the evil archnemisis of stoners everywhere. He is a metaphysical representation of anti-stoners, and he is always out to get you. his minions come in many forms, so be wary lest he initially deceives you.
I believe that suspicious gas station attendant was a minion of the glove!
by Jarvis Dimambrosauce February 18, 2008
when a bromance takes on a new level of intimacy and becomes gay-loving.

differences between a bromance and gloving include are subtle. in a celebration, a bro might SLAP another's ass. two men gloving might SQUEEZE the other's ass. Basically, more touchy than a bromance.
examples include:
two guys stage kissing, GLOVING
constant feeling and squeezing of the other man's breasts (moobs) and areas. GLOVING
by Grkoz September 4, 2011
Something that will protect you when you are typoing and ur fingers are cold
the blah glove hadsfjdsaklfjlasjfd
by Poopy Pooperson May 3, 2005