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A practice commonly used at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) by men desiring female companionship. Due to the lopsided demographics (75% men, 25% women), one finds a dearth of women at Caltech. Thus, several men tend to court a woman at once. So, glomming refers to the practice of several men hooking onto (not literally) to one woman.
At a dance, one can find several men dancing with one woman. They are glomming her. Or, one might find several men walking to class with one woman. These men are glomming.
by Techer... December 21, 2006
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(Colloquially pronounced "glommin'") The act of making out in a particularly slobbery and intense manner; i.e. groping passionately while smacking lips together at a relatively high volume. It was derived from "glossy"- as in "lip gloss"- because both invoke a feeling of sticky, gooeyness that, as a third person observer, looks gross.
Person A: Oh ew! Gross!
Person B: What?
Person A: Veronica and Mark are glomming it up pretty hard over at the lunch tables! She's practically on top of him!
by MADLawlz January 06, 2012
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Glomming: present tense, verb: the act of sitting around, usually not speaking, either watching television, typically movies or sports, or playing any sort of video game, typically sports and shooters. Often accompanied, and most certainly encouraged, by packing a lip.

Glom: future tense, verb: The preconceived idea of "glomming".
"What are you guys doing today."
"Gunna be glomming real hard, probably watch some football."
"Word, I'll be there."


"School blew dick, can't wait to get home and glom."
"Same, Ms. Peterson's tits got me thru the day though."
by Steve Lusby November 11, 2011
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