Filling one's anus with ketchup and mustard and then pooping it out on a partner's face, in their mouth, and all over their body. The anal secretions are then licked up by other members involved in this sick disgusting orgy and swapped between each others mouth.
I walked in on my partners and their friends having a Gleason party! How disgusting!
by Big Daddy Tim April 09, 2009
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The coolest last name ever! Most of the family is hilarious and it is a trait to be comical, (proof is the comedian Jackie Gleason). The family is pretty cool and has a constant occurance of twins. The men in the family all have large penises and are athletic competitors.
Man that family the Gleason's are always kidding, but they're good at sports.
by chealseafc 4 lyfe May 28, 2008
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one who is a total obnoxious tool. and makes noises of an assortment of animals( specifically the jungle)
"what did you think of english today"
" the kid sitting next to me was being a total Gleason"
by Shamerla May 19, 2008
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A person who does either of the following: Uses people for Xbox 360 Achievements; is a fucking social leech/conformist/ass kisser; Claims to like a band, yet only has that one song from Guitar Hero by that band; Lazy (so lazy , they trade crutches for a wheelchair); a poser; and is basically a douche.
"Dude, Joe came over and beat Guitar Hero on medium, and I got a lot of achievements!"

"Tom, you're such a fucking gleason."
by Tronnit November 12, 2007
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A television season of the tv show Glee.
Gleek 1: The first gleason was so much more classy than the second gleason, right???

Gleek 2: Yeah, but the second gleason was so much more exciting!!!
by gleek194 June 10, 2011
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