fov = Field Of View
fov is a variable used in the Quake III Arena engine as well as other engines based on this game. It sets the limits on how wide the angle (or field) of vision is. The bigger the angle, the more you can see on the east - west and north - south axis. (more on the east -west one).
Basically, the bigger the field of view, the more superangular and distorted the image is.
The default value for fov in Quake III Arena is 85 degrees. The command is "/cg_fov 120" If you set the angle to, say 120 degrees, the result is a cool superangular image. You do see more of your left, right, up and down sides but this comes at a cost: far objects are diminished, reducing precision when using one shot kill arsenal like the railgun.
by ducu November 09, 2004
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Field Of View. Used in FPS games to show you how much of a Quake 3 champion you are. In most FPS games, your FOV is set to the point where you can see your right hand's wrists and half your left arm. (Your FOV can be adjusted, though). Adjusting your FOV makes the camera go further out. It makes the sides all weird and shit and literally, your arms disassemble and you can see your arms floating. To adjust your FOV in real life, move your head forward and backward.
damn bro my fov is really shit i can only see my fingers bro i need some help
by gr0ndz. March 20, 2020
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The act of annoying the fuck out of your friends by saying "Is there an FOV slider?" everytime you open up a game to the menu.
You: Hey, is there an FOV slider?
Your Friend: Shut the fuck up.
by Fuck you Brady May 02, 2019
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