A word used similarly to that of homes, thug or bro in conversation. Derived from Geezer or Geeza, but not having to refer to someone who is old or has a physical problem.
"Yo, what up giza?", "How you doin' giza?"
by ShampooMasta April 3, 2006
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Giza is a slang term for give / give us! used by rough northern women who come from the orford area of warrington.
Arrr giza shout when ya goin on break!
by G Raff March 3, 2006
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a person who lights up your world. Literally breathtaking.
i’m so lucky that i have a Giza in my life
by urmomshugeballs November 21, 2021
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I'll take out my giza and blow your brains out.
by NiggaNig October 27, 2003
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A rare sexual maneuver, that is an inversion of the Eiffel Tower. A third male joins the normal Eiffel Tower formation, wherein he receives a hand job from the dominate hand of the female participant. As a result all three men must touch hands to form the Pyramid of Giza.
The Eiffel Tower was pretty amazing, but it went to a whole new level when Ben joined in to form the Pyramid of Giza. Even Brittany agreed that the usage of her HAND enhanced the the Eiffel Tower to incredible new heights; screaming that wow this Pyamid of Giza is orgasmic!
by Jack Winkle Don January 1, 2011
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term derived from an unappealingly pyramid-shaped, tapered penis. now used to label anyone with a major flaw which is only revealed upon sexual contact.
I thought he was hot, but once i got his clothes off i was disappointed to discover that he was a giza dick.
by shocka October 9, 2004
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