The act of forming a human period. 2 girls lay on each other, perpendicular to one another, forming a crossroad shape. Four men then spit roast them, and join hands to form a pyramid.
"Bill, Brad, Harry and Jacob had a norty Giza Pyramid with Lydia and Noelle on Tuesday"
by Mouldywafflez February 18, 2016
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A high school prank involving moving all desks into the gym and stacking them in the form of a pyramid, to hiegth of 20'.
Project Giza was the best prank ever.
by One Man Job September 21, 2003
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A sexual act; an extension of the "Eifel Tower", but greater, thus the term "Great Pyramid." Involves the female on all fours giving to the first of four men doggy-style or anal, the second a blowjob and the last two hand-jobs. The four men all hi-five to create a pyramid shape. Also, a transitive verb meaning to partake in the nominal form.
Did you hear that Kelly Eifel towered those two dudes?

You thinks she's a slut? Brenda was in a great pyramid last night with half the baseball team.
by WardUp August 17, 2005
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a sexual maneuver involving one female and four males. the female is on her hands and knees, with two cocks in the ass, and two cocks in the mouth. the men then proceed to high five, forming a four sided "great pyramid of giza," if you will. this is not to be confused with the classic pyramid maneuver involving two females and one male.
dude who posted that video we made of the great pyramid of giza on facebook.
by don alejandro October 07, 2007
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When anywhere between 10,000 and 100,000 men shit on a girl's chest thus creating one of the 7 wonders of the world.
Has anyone seen Faye, Chrissy or Hillary?

Yeah, Faye just became part of history by having the Great Pyramid of Giza built on her while the others watched. Good thing is that now America has something that's more than 3 years old in it.
by Nasty Egyptian Bastard July 26, 2010
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