To hit the inside of someone's hand with your hand to show that you're very pleased about something. See also "roots me again".
by Dino March 11, 2005
When someone does something usually really stupid, or says something stupid, or makes no sense at all, then you give them a neck which is slapping the back of their neck hard (depending on what they did/say... if it's real stupid then you give it to them harder)
Garrick: Jennifer Alba looks hella good
Conan: you mean Jessica Alba?
Garrick : is that her name?
by mistajohnny November 5, 2006
Makes me have an erection.
"With this tiny bikini you gives me wood."
by Hasaro January 29, 2012
To call someone. Also used as "beep me."
Friend: I'll let you know when I'm ready to go.
You: Sounds good, just give me a beep.
by bepmonkey100 April 19, 2019
To suggest that somebody engages in oral sex with you - you are asking for the "head" of their penis.
You're dead, I'm well fed
Give me death or give me head

-Bang Bang, Green Day
by KaypiGames December 4, 2018
To get access to or obtain the privelage of having relations with a beautiful woman. To ask for approval or acceptance from a friend or colleague when obtaining something of personal value or worth.
While sitting at the bar two attractive women approached my friends and I. As they approached, Tyrone asked the tall lady with the apple bottom, "What does it take for a playa like me to get a sniff?"

A business deal is underway and a personal friend of one of the men in the deal enters the room. After hearing what is being discussed, he asks, "give me a sniff" with some of that action.
by JQB Deezy October 17, 2009
A hand gesture, involving the act of two people each making a fist with one hand, extending their arms, and pressing them together, knuckle to knuckle, in a gesture of fraternity and brotherhood.

Afterwards, it may or may not be "blown up" by immediately withdrawing each fist and extending the fingers fully, as if the rock has just exploded. Talented individuals may even attach sound effects to this act of blowing up.
After my cross examination, I returned to my seat and my classmate said "Give me the rock." Doing his due dilligence, he didn't forget to blow it up, and said "Way to go, Perry Mason"
by Brian Spencer January 25, 2007