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Man 1: The joke was so funny that i jizzed.
Man 2: elol
by Dicks In January 14, 2010
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"Anal in the oral"
Otherwise, shitting in the sexual partner's mouth, and having sex with it as if fucking an asshole. The partner may choose to suck if possible. But, remember: don't swallow!
Instead of choosing to interupt their intercourse by taking a shit, Jimmy chose to save time by simply giving Julie a German Cheeseplatter.
by Dicks In October 24, 2009
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An individual who is taking it up the ass eats the freshly excreted fesis from that of whom is giving it up the ass.
In a final attempt to gain the needed energy, for Mike was exhausted at the time from all the ass-fucking, his significant other, Tom decided it would be useful for the two to initiate a give-and-go, for Tom was in the need to release some extra weight holding him down from giving Mike the best time in his gay-ass (literally in this example) life
by Dicks In January 14, 2010
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The use of one's cotton candy wrapped in a similar fashion to that of a hat around the head of a penis. Once put into place, this hat is sucked off until every last sugar droplet has been consumed.
Dude, she topped off our night with the Russian Top Hat!
by Dicks In July 29, 2010
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