Girly boy is the definiton of a cute lad
that domonick is a girly boy
by zinidine zidom February 22, 2009
A girly boy, girly boi, femboy, femboi or trap is an effeminate and affectionate younger male expressing motherly qualities. Typically girly boys will have accented hips, plumper lips and wear girls' clothes. Often times girly boys are gay, but this is not always the case. A girly boy who Is straight is typically far more popular with women. Girly boys represent a much cuter and more approachable form of the beta male.
Samantha: "Is Valerie gay, or transgender?"
Zack: "Oh, neither, he's just a girly boy!"
by oraph December 20, 2018
a "girly boy" is a young male, usually adolescent, who looks and/or acts effeminate. He is often assumed to be gay and usually has an interest in things that would interest the average female his age - fashion, pop music, romantic/sexual attraction to other boys, etc. Either due to social isolation from the "alpha males" his age or by personal choice, his close circle of friends are usually female. In contrast to a "ladyboy" (transvestite or transsexual), a girlyboy does not necessarily have a desire to dress as or become a "woman", instead he is naturally feminine in his tastes, appearance and/or behavior. He is often unintentionally mistaken for a girl by those who first meet him and may be secretly considered attractive by straight/masculine males his own age who would ordinarily be attracted only to females.
Cindy's 14-year-old brother is a such a girly boy, I thought he was her younger, hotter sister before she introduced him.
by captain kidd May 4, 2011
A dude who gets mistaken for a chick. Might be a transvestite or have an urge to become a transvestite.
The girly boy a cute way of doing his hair. His/her hair if he/she prefers to be called her.
by Solid Mantis June 17, 2018
Girly boys like to become hair stylists and world leaders, shit like that. They want to one day cut off more than just hair, since that could get boring.
One day a girly boy near you will conquer the world and it will become his world.
by Solid Mantis June 17, 2018
A girly boy is a man who repeatedly acts in a way comparable to a girl.
He got his panties in a knot and left his girlfriend at the barn again, what a girly boy.
by Dimension13 December 14, 2021
When you get past shallow things like skin color, black girly boys are a lot like white girly boys, Mexican girly boys, Asian girly boys, Indian girly boys and any other girly boys, they're part of a group, a network.
Black girly boys and white girly boys are in the same gangs nowadays.
by Solid Mantis September 21, 2018