4 definitions by Dimension13

When you find yourself depressed and destroyed by lies and deceit.
That dude was completely meribored!”

“She tried to ruin everything in his life.”
by Dimension13 September 3, 2018
A girly boy is a man who repeatedly acts in a way comparable to a girl.
He got his panties in a knot and left his girlfriend at the barn again, what a girly boy.
by Dimension13 December 14, 2021
Nashty is nasty with an extra twist of complete destruction.
Your girl wanted to cut off your Penis?”

“That’s Nashty!”
by Dimension13 September 2, 2018
When you make a baby as the International Space Station flies over.
Hey, What’s your name?
Astro Martin
Oh, right... ok
by Dimension13 October 4, 2019