slang term for those of Sicilian descent; usually used in a derogatory manner; most often used in Northeastern USA (NY, NJ, New England)
That no good Ginzo killed my son!
by Frank "Ginzo" Fella January 23, 2004
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A derogatory slur against a Sicilian.
These God damn ginzos are so dark you would think they work in a coal mine.
by Mario April 21, 2005
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An insult if adressed to an italian, but can be used by italians to adress other italians.
I'm gonna go into ginzo country tonight (north end boston)
by anonymous August 15, 2004
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1. Derogatory term used against Italian Americans
2. A second generaton or later over-30 Italian American from the NY/NJ/Philadelphia area who retains an unusually strong sense of ethnic identity. Identifiable by the routine use of the few Italian words or phrases they know in ordinary conversation with the assumption everyone will know what they mean.Also tend to assume their customs and holiday traditions are universal. They self-identify as Catholic but attend Mass at most twice a year, and consider watching the Pope on television the equivalent of going to Mass. They have conservative social values, particularly concerning gay rights and gender roles.
3. An older guido or guidette
When our relationship started getting serious, the ginzo in him started really coming out
by tompaines ghost October 11, 2007
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An over-the-top Italian wedding. See, e.g. the opening scene of The Godfather.
I have to go to Giuseppe's wedding tomorrow. It's going to be a real extrava-ginzo
by American Liberal Elite October 05, 2013
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Somebody who does something shady, jerk-offish, or embarassing.
"Dude, put your pants back on you ginny whop ginzo".

"That ginny whop ginzo was hitting on your girlfriend".
by Sam K. June 04, 2004
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