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1. Derogatory term used against Italian Americans
2. A second generaton or later over-30 Italian American from the NY/NJ/Philadelphia area who retains an unusually strong sense of ethnic identity. Identifiable by the routine use of the few Italian words or phrases they know in ordinary conversation with the assumption everyone will know what they mean.Also tend to assume their customs and holiday traditions are universal. They self-identify as Catholic but attend Mass at most twice a year, and consider watching the Pope on television the equivalent of going to Mass. They have conservative social values, particularly concerning gay rights and gender roles.
3. An older guido or guidette
When our relationship started getting serious, the ginzo in him started really coming out
by tompaines ghost October 11, 2007

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1. derogatory term for those on the outer edges of the 9/11 truth movement.
2. derogatory term for any conspiracy theorist or political extremist who regularly uses the phrase 'speaking truth to power'
The twoofer said I was following the sheeple for not believing 9/11 was done with holograms, and that he was speaking truth to power
by tompaines ghost October 11, 2007

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origin- derived from the 'woowoo' sound used in science fiction background music, particularly The X-Files.

noun- A conspiracy theorist who focuses their paranoia on 'Big Pharma' and modern medicine for hiding the cures for all major diseases, and the government for suppressing energy technologies, most of which are of alien origin. Often are also passionate about chemtrails and mind control

adj. The ideas espoused by a woowoo
I knew she was a woowoo as soon as she started talking about vaccines.
by tompaines ghost October 11, 2007

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An irrational belief system based on 2 fundamental principles: The first is that Big Pharma is hiding the cures for all major diseases and the government is hiding technology, mostly alien, that could solve all energy problems.The second is that everything you read on the internet is true, unless it comes from an academic,government or scientific/medical organization website.
The wooism got too deep for me when she swore homeopathy and vitamins could could cure my multiple sclerosis.
by tompaines ghost October 11, 2007

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