Can’t be stop; one who is most hated because of they difference
“They kid the most hated

by Jacob cons September 11, 2019
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an elite group of good looking gentlemen that are hated on by men of lesser status due to their success with women. they are also hated on by unattractive women because such women do not get attention from members of most hated.
"look there's beau, the president of most hated! damn i hate that bastard!"
by beau morgan August 22, 2008
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a dwarfy lopsided odd shaped bastard whos done so many evil nasty rotten things to people in her sad wee odd shaped miserable life, that she is now a most hated bitch amongst the workforce....oh & she smells of fish as well, possibly because of her close family connections with the sea!
why is everybody so sad & downtrodden looking? oh its just that we have all been stung & shit on by the mosted hated bitch...dont open ur mouth or one of her fan club will run 2 her with some pishy story to keep her drama adrenalin running coz she is a most hated bitch!!!
by harbour master March 2, 2008
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Donald Trump Should of won . ( The Most Hated Comment)
This is retard's requiem DONALD TRUMP 20 20 ( The Most Hated Comment)
by 6th Grader Teacher November 12, 2020
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The best gc of all time. Outlasted most gcs and still active a year ago!
Jobless Guy: Ugh why is most hated gc getting all these hit tweets

Guy with a Job: Cause they’re unstoppable. You can’t ever stop them. They ended JSD
by arigaga September 10, 2021
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