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Just like spooning, the act of cuddling or sleeping with two people facing the same direction and in direct contact. Named after the Takahashi River in Japan which curves around several small cities.
Last night Rachel and I watched a movie on her couch. The movie sucked but the Takahashi was great.
by Capricious Cobra September 27, 2009
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Wish this never happened. LMD
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A word used to replace foul language such as fuck or shit.
AH Takahashi! That snitch just ratted me out to Mr. Bryant, he's such a retarded homosexual!

by Creemcheez_N_Frisbeez January 21, 2009
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Used as an invective by U.S. Navy sailors in the eastern Pacific fleet, particularly handy where swearing out loud can be detrimental to your naval career. Pronounced "ta-ka-HA-she", quickly. A great workplace substitute for "f**k".
Takahashi! I can't get this coupling off this friggin' pipe.
by Jonnofish September 08, 2007
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