a cross between a ginger and an indian resulting in ginger hair and brown skin.
Michael and Savita are expecting gindians!
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a gay indian, often times prone to excessively female tendencies such as nail buffing, hair removal, and showtunes.
Look at Vishal eye Wang, he must be a gindian.
by Huge Wang October 24, 2005
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Indians that are wannabe gangsters they tend to hang in large groups and have ridiculous hairstyles.
damn stupid Gindians keep hanging outside the fish shop !
by what-the-cheese? September 18, 2012
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Meera and Spenser are gonna have a Gindian!

ZTA is expecting a Gindian!
by Wayne Bradyy November 5, 2009
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An alcoholic beverage enjoyed by aboriginal people in Canada. The drink consists of one shot of Gin, one shot of whisky, 6oz of pilsner and 1/2 a shot of mouthwash (e.g. listerine, scope etc.) to add sweetness.
"Hey Myrtle! Get in here and fackin make me a fackin gindian eh!"
by Al-katraz August 6, 2013
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A ginger Indian.

A gent or lady of half-Indian half-Scottish/Anglo/Northern EuropeAn ascent.

Usually with darkish (tanned) skin but fair features such as ginger hair, pubes. Males often have an interest in jigga-wood films and minimal techno.
East End of London - Brick Lane 9am Sunday Morning where club meets Curry. A true Gindian will have absored 3 ecstacy pills by that point.
by Gurnfreud August 4, 2011
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A word to describe a Native-American ginger; a cross between a 'ginger' and an 'indian'.
"Hey man, see that ginger over there?"

"Oh you mean the Gindian?"


"The Gindian. He's an Indian ginger."

by Bob but no Lundy October 14, 2012
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