a drink consisting of:
Paul wished to be 'crunk' but he's underage, thus he ordered a virgin gin and juice.
by virgin king April 23, 2007
A drink by Segrams company. Premixed with various juice flavors, high alchohol content malt liquor. Notorious with thugs because its cheap, tastes great and will F*** you up quick.
"Rollin down tha street smokin indo sippin on Gin n Juice"
by Incognitto November 16, 2007
What black people drink, or at least those who think they're black, usually comprising men juice.

Not to be confused with Gins and Jews
I'm feeling like a wigga so I'll have a gin n juiceizzle barmanizzle
by Yor Mum August 30, 2006
A drink preferred by honky try hards and pimped out balla's in fancy suits. This may be accomponied by a pimp hat and/or cane.
Can I get a Gin n Juice...represizzle.
A popular urban beverage. Mentioned in many a rap.
"Me and my homies were down at the 'hood drinkin' Gin & Juice"
by Doc Evil July 23, 2003