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Sanitized replacement for "Fuck" used on "Battlestar Galactica"
"Aw frack and feldercarb!!!"
by Doc Evil July 26, 2003

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Slang for "Urinate"

"The Main vein" being the penis of course.
"I gotta drain the main vein something fierce"
by Doc Evil July 24, 2003

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Short for "Flatuence"
"Did you just flatch?"
by Doc Evil July 24, 2003

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Verb: To fart

A variation of "Cut the cheese" named after the act of using those tubes of pasturized snack cheese.
"Did you squeeze the cheese?"
by Doc Evil August 09, 2003

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Bullshit. Originated on the original "Battlestar Galactica" program.
"Read what the Sci-Fi Channel has planned for the 'Battlestar Galactica' revival? Man, what a load of FELDERCARB!"
by Doc Evil July 24, 2003

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One of the revolting confectionarys mentioned in a Monty Python sketch about a dubious candymaker. Starring John Cleese, Graham Chapman and Terry Jones.

The sketch appeared on three of their albums, in episode 6 of their "Flying Circus" show, and in the movie "Live at the Hollywood Bowl". All instances were performed live.

Other vile confections mentioned are 'Ram's Bladder Cup', 'Cockroach Cluster', 'Anthrax Ripple',and 'Spring Surprise'.
Cleese: Next we have number four, 'crunchy frogs'.
Jones: Ah, yes.
Cleese: Am I right in thinking there's a real frog in here?
Jones: We use only the finest baby frogs, dew picked and flown from Iraq, cleansed in finest quality spring water, lightly killed, and then sealed in a succulent Swiss quintuple smooth treble cream milk chocolate envelope and lovingly frosted with glucose.
Cleese: That's as maybe, it's still a frog.
Jones: What else?
Cleese: Well don't you even take the bones out?
Jones: If we took the bones out it wouldn't be crunchy would it?
by Doc Evil January 04, 2006

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slang for "Motherfucker"
"You got anna with a nigga, mu'fucka?!?"
by Doc Evil July 22, 2003

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