a noun.
something that is funny or mentionable.

Emery: that movie last night was amazing
Darren: dude yeah, that was a goodie
by Dunnahoo February 16, 2009
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N. goodie
- A resounding, rewarding orgasm; an exceptional orgasm.

V. (to) goodie
- to orgasm. (see below for background)

Adj. goodie
- Having a character of eliciting a goodie.

*Although not a gender specific orgasm, "(to) goodie" often better suits the male ejaculation.

The ventral tegmental area (VTA) natural reward mechanism of the brain is stimulated more in men during climax producing a rewarding, supersatisfactory -- hence goodie -- response to ejaculation/orgasm, along with visible evidence of the response.

(think of goodie as a treat- men are always beggars for treats.)
As a noun:

"His/her goodie was emphatic!"

As a verb:
"When I goodied, beautiful chaos erupted throughout my body...and I was truly rewarded, thoroughly."

As adjective:
" Behold-> the goodie appendage"
by Infomecca May 16, 2009
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a good mannered non chav person who wheres a hoodie for style/comfort or warm not to rob ppl and hang out fast food shops
A Goodie is Youth who is not a chav,Plesent in social situations and wheres a hooded top
by HatraMex February 12, 2007
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1. Noun. An indented place on the body between the clavicle and the shoulder muscles that some people have naturally or occurs when somebody shrugs. A very ticklish place on most men.

2. Verb. To goodie: to poke one's finger in the above mentioned place on the body in order to tickle somebody.
1. Some guys find a girl's goodie sexy, other's think it's a sign of being too skinny.

2. After goodying my boyfriend, he laughed so hard he started hiccuping.
by USS Lady Red September 02, 2007
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short for 'have a good day'.
replaces good day.
"thanks! and have a goodie!"
by nina November 16, 2004
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