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(Sean Connery) The clitoral region of an elderly woman. e.g. old wrinkly folds of vaginal skin
Mrs. Ellen slipped and fell on her back, lifting her dress up and exposing her gibbler to all those at the fundraiser who cared to take a gander.
by Jake November 27, 2003
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(Verb) To enter a friend's residence without knocking, with an attitude of nonchalance or excitement. Like Kimmy Gibbler from Full House. (Noun) One who Gibblers.
Come over whenever and just Gibbler on in here.
by Chefload July 01, 2015
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1. A buffoon or jester who entertains by jokes, antics, and anecdotes of anarchy and old video games in a college dorm, restaurant, or other private or public aeas.
2. One who jokes and plays tricks.

intr. v. gib-blers, gib-bler-ing, gib-blered

1. to behave like a bufoon or jester
2. to perform as a buffoon or jester
After the average college student regailed the class with his anectodes of bomb-making and how those bombs could be used to help Link save Princess Zelda from Gannon, placed a "Whoop-ee Cushion" on the teacher's chair, and acted in such a way as to result in several individuals placing "Do Not Serve This Man" signs all over the college campus, he was named the "Class Gibbler".
by Ben K February 08, 2005
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the small russian kid in my classes who slaps his legs and says uhh and other assorted noises
by poop February 12, 2004
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